How Much Does a Lean to Conservatory Cost?

lean to conservatory

The Eco Conservatory Room In The Garden

Buildings have a great impact on the environment and on the natural resources. Do you know that the existing buildings consume one third of the energy the whole world consumes and two thirds of the electricity?

Today more and more ingenious builders design ecological types of conservatory that require minimal quantities of un-renewable energy and which produce less pollution (see more here: How Much Does a Lean to Conservatory Cost?).

They provide comfort, health and safety. Buildings represent a major pollution factor in the great cities and a cause for the climate changes. Carbon emissions could be stopped at a great extent if, for example, only 10% of the existing buildings would use solar systems for heating water.

The key word today is living “green”. We need to be more careful than ever with our natural resources. For example, deforesting. For each tree that is cut, another one should be planted. We should reduce the emissions from traveling, for example. Working at home in our own garden studios would be one immediate answer to the problem. So, let us build our own Eco room in the garden.

A Conservatory can be built from timber obtained from fast growing trees.


They consume little energy if designed in a clever way. Ventilation systems can be included in the roof, natural light can be drawn down through tubes. Solar panels can provide energy all year round.

Heating systems included in the floor can warm them with little consume. Also, cooling in summer can be easily provided so that our life is comfortable all the time.

There are many ecological materials to use in building garden offices, but wood is preferable as it is warm and strong, long lasting. It can be recycled in the end. Even when it grows old and changes color, it looks beautiful.

timber conservatory garden room

Conservatory roofs are quite interesting too. They can be made of glass to let the light come in or can be completely green, as if no building was made on that spot and nature was let free. That is beautiful.

If you are careful and pay attention to details, you can find other ways of reducing costs. You can use Eco-friendly office products such as recycled paper, pens, pencils, mouse pads, calendars.

Be smart and recycle your recycled products when you stopped using them. Computers can be used wisely. Instead of computer and monitor combinations, use laptops as they need less energy. Use printers that consume less and print your materials only if necessary. Buy second hand desks instead of new ones and save.

Save energy all the time. Remember to switch off before leaving your conservatory. Turn off all of them, computer, printer, scanner, copier, lights. Pay respect to the world you and your children live in, it will be there long after you have gone.