Orangeries & Conservatory Designs


Benefits of Oak Timber Orangeries You Should Not Miss

What is an orangery? There are more benefits to installing oak orangeries than initially meet the eye. Let me show you some of them.

1. Beautiful.

Many people want to have a beautiful orangery. An orangery is a very desirable addition to your home. It should be one that will really make your home more beautiful. Nothing says “beauty” quite as well as timber, especially oak.

What is great about oak conservatory is that it is beautiful in its simplicity. It is grand even without having to fill up the conservatory with elaborate furniture. If you are not a huge fan of clutter but you still want your conservatory to have that added punch in terms of beauty, this material should be a wonderful option.


2. Durable.
If you still think that wood is a puny building material, think again. You can still find builders using the finest oak timber in building their orangeries. This high quality timber can last for centuries.

Builders also make sure that oak orangeries are built to last with the way they put the orangeries together. That involves using sophisticated methods to highlight the specific benefits, strengths and tensions of oak, and helps to make the conservatory as steadfast as possible.

3. Natural.
You will not be helping Mother Nature by using building materials that require the use of fossil fuel for manufacturing. By contrast, natural materials like oak will decompose if you dispose of them, and produce no toxic by-products when they are manufactured, so they will not harm the environment.

Also, you can be assured that oak will not harm the health of your family. This material will not emit toxic gasses that could compromise health.

4. Versatile and Flexible.
Oak works well for contemporary and traditional design schemes. Even if you decide to change the interior decor of your room and go for more modern furniture, oak is still a nice backdrop.

It goes well with wooden building materials and additionally, oak is easy to shape.

If you want to have bespoke timber orangeries, you can find a great design that will work well with oak. Even if the space allotted for the building of the oak conservatory is limited, oak will still be a good material to use.

5. Thermally Efficient
Not all building materials are thermally efficient. Oak, however, is probably the most thermally efficient natural building material you can find today. When we say thermally efficient, we mean the ability to prevent heat from escaping the room. It keeps a room warm during winter seasons.

This is why wood is such a popular building material for orangeries.

6. Practical
Timber orangeries are practical solutions. They save time, effort and money. They last for a long time so you no longer have to worry about spending so much money on repairs. Oak orangeries are particularly resistant to damages, so you do not have to worry about long-term and expensive repairs. For those people who cannot be bothered with maintenance, you can also rely on your oak conservatory to be less bothersome.

It does not require maintenance as much as other types of conservatories might. Although they are initially costly, you are really getting a better deal compared to other types of conservatories.

Finding A Good Builder of Orangeries

Now that you know the benefits of oak, it is time to search for a builder who can really listen to your requirements. There are builders that specialise in creating oak orangeries. Since timber orangeries are their specialty, they know better how to work with such a material. They can also offer you choice oak to build your dream conservatory.

It is time to look for an oak conservatory builder that you can work with. Ask for a price quote so you can do a good comparison. Make sure you know what is included in their services. The builder should also be reliable and honest so they will really stick around until the project is finished.

It is not uncommon to find builders who will just disappear with your money before the work is halfway done.